Adopted Miracles

ISBN - 9789350297872
Author - Anamika Mukherjee

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There may be people who hold their adopted babies for the very first time and know right away that this is their baby. I am not one of them. I looked at the twins and I knew that they were somebody else's babies. 'An honest, tell-all memoir of adoption, this book reveals what the experience is really like for all involved: the family, the parents, people around them, even the children. Coping with infertility and the trauma of fertility treatments, craving motherhood and envying other families, dealing with the strain of all this on her marriage, the nitty-gritty of the adoption procedures and finally, relating to her children - there's nothing Anamika Mukherjee shies away from. This is the story of one family. It is the story of one adoption, yes but it's also about a woman and her dream and about understanding that if a dream cannot be realized one way, there may be - there has to be - another way and so, it is a tale of trial and triumph, a story of struggle and success.

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Title Adopted Miracles Length 12
Author Anamika Mukherjee Breadth 1.5
ISBN 9789350297872 Binding PAPER BACK
Weight 160 g Height 19
Language ENGLISH Year 2014
Publisher HARPER COLLINS PUBLISHERS Pages 212 pages
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