God's Own Untouchable

ISBN - 9789380828725
Author - Ulahannan Thoppil

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Aaron Micah is elevated to a Bishop. His origin is shockingly traced back to the Pulaya (Untouchable) community. In a brilliant narration, which goes back and forth, the author keeps the reader firmly engrossed in the twists and turns which occur in Micah's life and in the lives of his ancestors. This book attempts to bring to the fore the belowthesurface caste tensions prevalent among the Syrian Christians of Kerala. Christianity preaches equality among all but its followers do not follow the tenets. A real edge of the seat narration, especially when it comes to the conflict between Rome and the local church authorities to designating the Bishop.

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Title God's Own Untouchable Length
Author Ulahannan Thoppil Breadth
ISBN 9789380828725 Binding PB
Weight Height
Language English Year 2012
Publisher Vitasta Publishing Pages
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