Identity Politics in Jammu And Kashmir

ISBN - 9788189766351 /818976635X
Author - Rekha Chowdhary

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Highlighting the internal dimensions of conflict in Jammu and Kashmir, the book deals with overlapping, multilayered and multiple identity politics of this state. While focusing on identity politics of Kashmir, which remains at the root of conflict, it goes beyond its homogenized exterior and points to various internal tensions. More importantly, it goes beyond the Kashmiri identity politics and focuses on various other manifestations of identities including religious, regional and subregional identity politics within the State. It seeks to draw attention to the sociocultural diversity and political divergence within Jammu and Kashmir and talks about multiple contexts of deprivation and neglect including those defined by the categories of gender, caste and tribe. The book is divided into five sections: Identities and Politics in Kashmir; Religion, Identities and Intercommunity relations; Exodus and Identity Politics of Kashmiri Pundits; Identity Politics of Women and Dalits and; The Other Kashmir.

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Title Identity Politics in Jammu And Kashmir Length
Author Rekha Chowdhary Breadth
ISBN 9788189766351 /818976635X Binding HB
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Language English Year 2010
Publisher Vitasta Publishing Pages
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