Industrial Security Management

ISBN - 9789380828589
Author - Ravindra Kishore Sinha

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Industrial Security Management emphasizes the general security techniques and the ethical responsibilities of those involved. The work covers general security management, security personnel management, operational management, public relations and the perils of mismanagement. Individual chapters address topics like the role of security personnel in organizational structures, hiring and training of security personnel, motivating them to produce goaloriented behaviour, building an internal security culture and relationships with law enforcement and the community. The book also talks about the limitations and hurdles in the prevention of crime and how these can be minimized. Written by experts in their field, the book covers almost all aspects of industrial security, including many of those new techniques and developments brought in by computers.

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Title Industrial Security Management Length
Author Ravindra Kishore Sinha Breadth
ISBN 9789380828589 Binding HB
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Language English Year 2018
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