Last Ape Standing

ISBN - 9781620405215
Author - Chip Walter

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Chip Walter tells the intriguing tale of how against all odds and despite nature's capricious ways we stand here today, the planet's most dominant species. Drawing on a wide variety of scientific disciplines, he reveals how a rare evolutionary phenomenon led to the uniquely long childhoods that make us so resourceful and emotionally complex. Walter explains how the evolution of our highly social nature has shaped our moral (and immoral) behavior. He also plumbs the roots of our creativity and investigates why we became self-aware in ways that no other animal is. Along the way, Last Ape Standing profiles the mysterious "others" who evolved with us-the Neanderthals of Europe, the "hobbits" of Indonesia, the Denisovans of Siberia, and the recently discovered Red Deer Cave people of China, who died off just as we stood on the brink of civilization eleven thousand years ago.

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Title Last Ape Standing Length 13
Author Chip Walter Breadth 1.2
ISBN 9781620405215 Binding PAPER BACK
Weight 280 g Height 20
Language ENGLISH Year 1 January 2014
Publisher Bloomsbury USA Pages 280 g
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