The Turbo Gang- Inception

ISBN - 9789387780088
Author - Rushati Ghosh

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Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. Some are big, muscular and possess special abilities. These are short, courageous and also, special. While some heroes can fly and shoot laser beams with their eyes. They can swoosh past you in a blink of an eye.Meet our new superheroes:Bankoo - He may not walk but the speed force has blessed him with Turbo.Mikka - He might hear a bit less but can build every boy s dream hot wheels.Tara She may be a bit difficult to handle, but is no less incredible than Tony Stark.No, they are not the Avengers. They are the gang of misfits. They are the Turbo Gang.

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Title The Turbo Gang- Inception Length
Author Rushati Ghosh Breadth
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