ISBN - 9780143425311
Author - Tanveer Bookwala

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A young couple s first sexual encounter becomes a twisted game An unscrupulous doctor meets an alluring patient A mother and daughter share much more than an emotional bond . . . Set in a sexually active world, where prohibition is the biggest turn on, Wet tells seven steamy tales of voyeurism, fetish, fantasy, the supernatural and wild consensual sex that come with shocking twists. Full of kink and lust, these stories are dark, romantic and passionate, set in a contemporary world, where attractive people do decidedly unattractive things. It s the Gotham city of sex. It introduces you to a world where characters feel each other up with their hands and knock each other down with their words. If it makes you uncomfortable, or leaves you disturbed, it has only done its job!
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Title Wet Length
Author Tanveer Bookwala Breadth
ISBN 9780143425311 Binding Paper Back
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Language English Year
Publisher Metro Reads Pages
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