Who Will Cry When You Die

ISBN - 978-8179922323
Author - Robin Sharma

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There is no need for me to sing the same paeans that have already been sung for the book; instead i would just like to say that one should read this book while undergoing the darkest phases of life. Human beings are so often thrust into inextricable predicaments, from where there seems to be no escape and the advent of the light to pierce through the all pervasive darkness seems highly improbable . This is the book that can bring that much required 'light' into anybody's life, and for people stuck in a crisis the book ought to act like a magic potion - it did so for me! --Debotosh Chatterjee Jun 9, 2013

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Title Who Will Cry When You Die Length 12
Author Robin Sharma Breadth 1.6
ISBN 978-8179922323 Binding Paperback
Weight 170 g Height 16
Language English Year 15 June 2006
Publisher Jaico Publishing House Pages 256
Edition First edition Availability In Stock